Computer Science Retreat: AI Retreat comes to The Ground in Malmö


The AI Retreat

Computer Science Retreat is tech education startup based at The Ground in Malmö.  Our first AI Retreat is fully booked and is taking place March 6-8 2018, at The Ground in Malmö.

Our participants are going to learn about the latest techniques in AI and how to apply them to real research projects.  We have a particular focus on deep learning with neural networks and how to handle real world data.


Artificial Intelligence today, what’s next?

Computer science as a field is rapidly evolving. New technologies are invented every year. This means that five to ten years after graduating, there may be many new breakthroughs you haven't had the opportunity to study yet. Currently, there is no educator who fills this gap for IT professionals who want to start doing research with AI.  This is how we seek to add value: offering short intensive courses in the latest advances in computer science.


Project Based Learning

Many studies show that “learn by doing” is much more efficient than “learn by hearing”. This is the reason why it is so important that each student completes their own project during our courses. Time is split between explaining new concepts and then for students to implement their learning. This way participants gain hands-on experience with the latest AI techniques and take home a project they feel proud of!


Female Founders

Computer Science retreat is founded by two women with a wealth of experience in the fields of computer science and education. Abbey Waldron has a PhD in particle physics and has been working in machine learning and education for many years.  Muriel Grobler is an engineer and co-founder of Days of Code, a new learning methodology where students learn to adopt a self-learning mindset.