AI Retreat Malmö


25-27 September 2018

In this three day retreat you will learn about AI by working on amazing projects.  We're looking for developers who have some programming experience but want to focus more on their machine learning skills.  We have two tracks: experienced and introductory.

You'll learn about the latest techniques in AI and how to apply them to your chosen project.  We'll have a particular focus on deep learning with neural networks.  You will learn how to deal with real world data.



Included in the retreat is a series of lectures and workshops on recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, for example adversarial examples, convolutional neural networks and sequence analysis.  For those new to the field we will have a few additional introductory level lectures that will introduce machine learning, deep learning, Tensorflow, Keras and scientific Python.

  • Deep learning with Keras and Tensorflow
  • Machine learning with Python
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • Adversarial examples

Extra Workshops for Introductory Level

For those new to machine learning there will be extra workshops you can attend on scientific python, data processing, visualisation and the foundations of machine learning.

Your OWN Project

Everyone will work on an AI project of their choosing during the three day retreat.  You are welcome to work alone or in groups, why not invite friends?

New to machine learning and not sure what to choose?  Don't worry we will have guided example projects when you arrive!



team work.JPG

Example Project

Don't have a project idea yet?  Don't worry we have an awesome one for you:

Herculaneum Papyri and Particle Beams

We have our hands on particle beam data that will help study scrolls carbonised by the eruption of mount vesuvius (yes that's right, high energy radiation is being fired at papyri no one has been able to read for nearly two millenia).  We will then work together to improve the technique for reading the ink in the scrolls.  This involves some special physics imaging techniques so there will be a physicist on hand and you'll also get a quick introduction to the method.  Note: you will only be working with code, no radioactive stuff involved.

Am I at the right Level?

This retreat is intended for those who do already have programming experience.  If you are new to machine learning and relatively new to programming you will still be able to join if you follow one of the example projects and/or work in a team!  For everyone it is recommended to brush up on your Python before you arrive so that you can make best use of the retreat to focus on machine learning!  All of the code examples will be given in Python.




The retreat will be held on at The Ground, Bredgatan 4, 21230 Malmö, Sweden on the 25-27 September 2018.  It will run 9am-5pm each day.  What is included:

  • Three full days of lectures and workshops
  • Expert mentoring
  • Delicious lunches and traditional Swedish fika

Please arrange your own accommodation and transport to Malmö (Copenhagen airport is the best option for those traveling far).


The cost of the retreat is SEK 10 000 (SEK 12 500 inclusive 25% moms/VAT).  If you are paying as an individual rather than a company please email us for pricing.  Applications for this event are now CLOSED.  If you would like to hear about similar events please leave your email here:


Questions about the course?  Please email