Computer Science Retreat

Intensive courses in Applied computer science




At our retreats you will learn from leading experts and tackle real research problems right from the start.  We help train developers to jump into research through guided retreats, for example the AI Retreat.  We also train PhD researchers in scientific computing.


Computer science retreat is not just another bootcamp.  We provide intensive, in person training where you will push the limits of your knowledge.  You get to work in a supportive environment with expert mentors, exceptional students and an atmosphere of discovery.



Our retreats feature real research problems in computer science.  We believe this is the best and most exciting way to learn.  If you have a research project in any area of science that could benefit from more researchers drop us a mail at [email protected]



AI Courses

Deep learning and its many applications, image recognition with convolutional neural networks, sound classification, natural language processing and more...


Data Science Courses

Machine learning, data visualization, statistics, how to design experiments, dealing with data in the real world and more...