Computer Science Retreat

Programming for Researchers

This program is designed for those who don't have a formal education in computer science but need to use or understand programming for their research.  Our students include PhD researchers in physics, lawyers and people starting businesses in technology.

The training is two months in duration.  We start the program with one day of intensive, in person training.  Then you will work on your own research project at your own university, job or business for the remainder of the 2 months.  In addition, you will be given a minimum of 5 hours a week programming exercises to complete.  This is crucial to make sure you'll have the skills that will be needed later in your research project.  The program is individually tailored to each student depending on your starting level and goals.  Every week you will talk to your mentor who will guide you on your project and set you personalised exercises for the following week.


Accelerate your Education

Sometimes, we all find ourselves in situations where we rapidly need to learn new skills to achieve our goals.  What happens when you need to learn new technical skills but don't have time to go back to university or endlessly research online courses?  Efficient education needs to be tailored to your needs and guided by an expert, that's where we come in!

This course is suitable for people who want to improve their programming skills with a specific goal in mind.  You may be a complete beginner or have many years of programming experience, this course is for everyone who needs to urgently learn a new skill for their work.


Program Details

Week One:  One day of intensive, in-person training.   We'll work together to kick start your project, figure out your current experience level and which skills you will need to enable you to do your research project.

  • One day intensive, in-person training
  • Detailed assessment of your current level with exercises
  • Personalised programming training

Weeks Two to Eight: Each week you will work on your own research project.  In addition to working directly on your project you will also spend five hours a week solving problems assigned by your mentor.  The format of the program will be carefully tailored to your needs and goals.

  • Minimum 5-10 hours per week working on your research project
  • Additional 5 hours per week solving training problems set each week
  • One meeting with your mentor every week

On Completion:  Certificate of completion of the program


What is Included

  • One day intensive, in person kick off
  • Eight week personally tailored remote program
  • Weekly guidance from your personal mentor
  • Certificate of completion


Who is already using the program?

Those who have already used the program include starting PhD students from the University of Oxford, lawyers and those starting businesses in technology.  Although the program is tailored to each individual, some examples of program topics are:

  • Advanced C++ and introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Python for document analysis
  • Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Introduction to Scientific C++
  • ...


How Do I Apply?

If you want to apply for the program or arrange a conversation to learn more about it please use the form here.  Alternatively you can email the director of studies, Dr Abbey Waldron: